when Open Data meets Cartography

Speaker: Roland Kofler, TIS innovation park


The presentation describes the project, realized by Techno Innovation South Tyrol (TIS) together with SpagoBI Competency Center. The project aims to promote the use of open data through their representation by thematic maps.

Thanks to the system, based on the SpagoBI suite and available through the web site, users can visualize interactive thematic maps or create new ones, starting from public and private catalogs of data through intuitive and easy-to-use Self Service BI tools. Registered users can publish new data in the catalog and choose how to share them with other users. The resulting maps can be accessed directly on the web site or distributed through the most popular social networks.

The presentation focus on the description of the functionalities, the way users access to them and the planned evolutions. Finally a short demo will be shown.