Training day ( 5th November, Tuesday)

We run half-day long workshops on this day. The English language workshops are the following:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning with IPython with scikit-learn
    Hands on introductory workshop on Predictive Modelling and Machine
    Learning with open source tools from the Python community such as
    scikit-learn and IPython.
    Olivier Grisel,  INRIA Saclay
  • Creating data visualizations with Python
    The purpose of this workshop is to provide an overview of what packages are available for visualization in Python (e.g. matplotlib, chaco, mayavi, vispy, and others) and to make you more familiar with the most common ones. 
    Almar Klein, Cybermind Interactive Nederland
  • Principles and best practices in data visualization
    The workshop provides a short overview of the main scientific principles of data visualization and then presents good and bad practices to learn from.
    Zoltan Prekopcsak, Radoop


Open Analytics Day (6th November, Wednesday)

The schedule for this day can be found here.
Program in PDF

After the afternoon sessions  the official reception of the conference takes place, where you can taste Hungarian wines and Belgian beers. We close the day with a visit to one of Budapest famous ruin pubs.

Innovative BI day (7th of November, Thursday)

The schedule for this day can be found here.
Program in 

At the end of the day the final contestants of our dashboard competition will present their work.