The BI Journey of Ustream

Speaker: Balázs Szakács, Ustream

Ustream is the leading video technology platform for live business communications, powered by the company’s Ustream Cloud Platform. The company was founded in 2007 with a vision to bring live online broadcasting technology mainstream.
One your ago Ustream decided to invest more on data-driven culture and to start a green-field BI investment. A team was set up and we started setting roles, processes and an infrastructure from scratch. In my presentation we will go through the first year of this journey covering the following topics:
  • We need a Team: How we set up the BI Team of Ustream, what were the reasons behind the decisions.
  • BI Team way of working: How we can match the classical BI methodologies with the culture of a very agile company.
  • Trust and marketing: How we gained trust and how we try to evangelize BI-ish thinking.
  • Cost-effective architecture: What tools did we choose to support our goals.
  • What's next? Challenges what we are facing and plans for the next one year.