Professional Statistics in R with TERR

Speaker:  Dr. Benjamin Kreck, TIBCO Spotfire


TERR (TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R), a key component of Spotfire Predictive Analytics, is an enterprise-grade analytic engine that TIBCO has built from the ground up to be fully compatible with the R language, leveraging TIBCO’s long-time expertise in the closely related S+ analytic engine. This allows customers to continue to develop in open source R, but to then integrate and deploy their R code on a commercially-supported and robust platform—without the need to rewrite their code.

Prototypes are often developed in R, but then typically re-implemented in another language for production purposes because R was not built for enterprise usage. TERR brings enterprise-class scalability and stability to the agile R-language, and enables statisticians to broadly share their analyses through TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services or by directly embedding the TERR engine. The free Developer Edition of TERR available through the TERR Community Site enables customers to test their R code prior to deployment and integration.

The presentation includes:
- Benefits of TERR
- Technical Advantages of TERR
- Integration Options of TERR
- Live Demo