Open Source Analytics Trends World-Wide and at Hungarian Enterprises

Speakers: Ralf Klinkenberg, Rapid-I; S. Encsy Mátyás, Senior BI Consultant, Project Manager, United-Consult Ltd.


In the last few years, the data analytics market and especially the open source analytics market grew very quickly and open source solutions became real competitors to the traditional proprietary analytical tools. In this highly competitive environment it is important to notice new trends quickly and to provide innovative solutions utilizing the newest technology to address newly occuring challenges.

 In this presentation the audience will get an overview of the current open source analytics trends and of the strategy of Rapid-I to keep and to extend its leading position. As the Hungarian preferred partner of Rapid-I, United Consult will present the effect of these trends on the entreprise market especially in Hungary.

 Trends, challenges, and solutions addressed in this presentation include:

* Analytics from Classicial Business Intelligence to Predictive Analytics
- Providing actionable insights
- Predicting the future
- Automating the deployment of predictions and forecasts to optimize business processes and operations

* Integrating Data from Many Diverse Sources
- Flat Files, Databases, Text Documents, Images, Audio, Hadoop Clusters, etc.

* Integrating Multiple Solutions and Automation
- RapidMiner, R, Weka, MatLab/Octave, Web Services, Process Scheduling, etc.

* Big Data and Big Data Analytics Solutions
- RapidMiner and Hadoop

* Scaling Analytics to Very Large Data Sets
- In-Memory vs. Database-Streamed vs. In-Database vs. Hadoop-Based Analytics
- When to use which framework
- Big Data Analytics Made Easy

* Making Analytics Easy to Use for Broader Audiences
-Preview of RapidMiner 6 and its application templates